The wadding day is one of the highlights of your life and this day should be the most memorable and enjoyable event.
You surely want your wedding to be a dream which you wish to share with your family and friends.

Despite the fact if your wedding is in the far future or just in a few month, there is a lot to organise and it all might be quite exhausting. You have to arrange, plan and create a unique ceremony and sometimes it feels that days and month should be longer.
Some of these awaiting tasks are fun but occasionally thinking about all details might become a boring duty.

Nowadays most couples have a hectic lifestyle, they are making a career, they have friends and hobbies to deal with. You might have only a few spare hours in the afternoons and the last thing you wish to do is to sit at your PC and desperately search for information in the Internet about the places to have your reception, caterers and so on. As well as that you do not want to load with your duties your parents, relatives and friends.

We can help you!
We are created to make your wedding day stress-free and organising this marvellous event comfortable and enjoyable.
We consider and plan even the smallest details to arrange you a unique wedding day, full of suprises and unforgettable details.

We help you to organise the whole wedding ceremony and fulfill your dreams about your wedding day whenever and wherever it takes place – in the open air (outside) in summer, in a picturesque mansion or just a reception.
To make your wedding day an original and unique event, we will help you to find a suitable:

Best man
Video man
Flower arrangements

If you wish to organise your wedding day yourself and feel that you need just some advice in certain areas of arrangements or finding a place, we are ready to share our experiences with you.